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The Importance of Therapeutic Massage Therapy

For those not familiar with massage, it is basically a whole range of expert techniques geared towards the healing of both body and mind. From Swedish massage to deep tissue massage, a massage lover will be in for a great time. The fact remains that therapeutic massage therapy is an efficient and inspiring process that has the potential to change both the mental and physical health of a person. So, if you have never gone for a massage sessions, you might be wondering why all this attention. To set the ball rolling, here are some informative benefits of therapeutic massage therapy.

It is well known that the primary result of therapeutic massage therapy is a relaxed body and mind. Cortisol, a well known stress hormone is produced in unhealthy levels when the body is under great stress or tense. This can, in turn, lead to sleep deprivation, digestive problems, abnormal weight gain, and migraines. The good news is that massage therapy is renowned for decreasing the levels of Cortisol in the body ensuring that the body heals itself. Therapy also brings about the lifting of mood and general relaxation.

Do you know that expert and consistent massage therapy can help improve blood circulation in the body? Poor blood circulation is the genesis of numerous diseases and conditions plaguing the human body such as aneurysms, strokes, heart attacks, kidney disease, just to mention but a few. Hand pressure is vital to ensure that blood reaches the congested and blocked parts of the body. Techniques such as pulling, squeezing, and twisting are what therapies like Swedish massage and deep tissue massage are all about. These techniques lead to Lactic acid being purged from the body, resulting in improved lymph fluid circulation.

One of the greatest causes of back, neck and muscle pains is the lack of correct posture. It is a medical fact that the wrong posture, regardless of whether you are seated or standing can lead to chronic pain. Some pains lead the body to position itself into these inappropriate postures. The original and proper body alignment can be achieved by subjecting the person to therapeutic massage therapy. There are muscles that have tensed from the wrong postures and massage therapy helps in positioning them in the right painless postures.

If you are constantly stressed, you will be highly susceptible to illnesses and diseases. When this anxiety is added to lack of sleep and a poor diet, the body’s immune system suffers the most. The body’s ability to fight against pathogens and infections is greatly compromised. From consistent massage therapy; there is significant stress reduction apart from increased cytotoxic capacity of the immune system. This leads to an activation of the body’s ‘killer cells’ in a more active way, making the immune system more capable. These are just some of the benefits of therapeutic massage therapy to the human body and mind.

Understanding Services

Understanding Services