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Things to Discover On the Effects of Sleeplessness
It is common to find people suffering from lack of sleep but the main question is whether you can die from it. You don’t have to worry since at times you find yourself going to night parties and been awake all time in college. People have to understand that sleeplessness is a serious problem and it might lead to a number of health issues. Not sleeping will not lead to your death but there are different ways it will deteriorate your health because of sleep deprivation.

Every adult functions differently and some of them need 9 hours of sleep while others are completely alright after sleeping for 6 hours. You might have noticed some people feel tired all day long this is because they have a sleep dept which occurs when someone loses an hour of sleep, so they have to compensate it at one point to avoid being bored and frustrated. The duration of the effects of sleep deprivation depends on the individual because some of them can go up to 20 hours without sleep and still feel energetic.

Everyone experiences the same type of effects because of sleeplessness that’s such as being forgetful and having a hard time concentrating on different things. It is not advisable to avoid sleeping for multiple days since delirium might occur and some of them go through auditory and visual hallucinations. Lack of sleep will not only mess with your sleeping pattern but your mood as well since you become grumpy and it might affect your relationship with others.

People usually, experience occasional cold and stomach bugs, but your body will be more susceptible when you are not maintaining your regular sleeping pattern. Taking care of the immune system means we have to get enough sleep every day so it can protect us from viruses and bacteria. The body’s internal clock knows when it is time to sleep, and failure to do this only leads to high fevers and worsening your illness.

You might notice that you only crave for sweet and salty foods when you have not slept properly since there is a high increase of junk food cravings and it causes weight gain. People who do not get sufficient sleep might end up getting heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes because of insomnia. You have to get your beauty sleep since you will be protecting your skin from getting wrinkles, dull appearance and fine lines and some people develop bags, and dark circles under the eye.