Figuring Out

How to Deal with Negativity

You shall not miss a negative person in your life, be it at work or elsewhere. This becomes an issue when you are forced to be around this person all the time. They are good at making sure that negative vibe hangs on all of you heads. You need to have ways to manage their influence. Here are some ways you can handle it.
You need to set your boundaries. When you have the physical or conversational ones, they shall understand how far they can go with you. You need to be clear on the topics you are not willing to discuss with them. You may, on the other hand, have to go as far as letting them know about their behavior. There are some negative people who have never been told just how terrible they are. You should be ready for them to react in any manner once you inform them. They will not change much, but now they will know what the situation is.
You need to also champion a positive influence. Negativity gets a lot of airtime, and so should positivity. You need to make sure some positive energy is spreading around. Speak up more on positive thoughts, ideas and views, not to allow negative ones all that space.
You need to also consider where these individuals are coming from. There are those who had it rough before. They could be dealing with marital questions, child support questions, or other personal questions. This shall help you handle their outbursts and other expressions.
There is also a need for some self-examination. Some people tend to get negative on account of what they receive. You could be wrong about how well and positively your present yourself out there. You need to make sure you have an approachable outlook when people talk to you.
You need to be ready to go on without them. You may not find it fruitful to keep trying to reach such people. It is not possible to continue in the same vein for too long. You have too much to focus on to let them drag you down. With time, others will follow suit, which effectively kills their influence.
You need to also remember not to blame yourself for how they are. Where you have done wrong, apologize and move on. Where they shall keep on mentioning some grudge, it is not your place to change them. You should avoid such issues for a while. This is how you will have time for other areas of your life.
You should never retaliate to their negativity. When you let it pass, their bites lack a punch.
These tips should help you handle negative people in your life. You may discover more similar tips on this site.

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