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A Guide to Nassau Bahamas Cruise

If you are planning on docking in Nassau Bahamas during your next cruise and have no idea what to do during your stop at the port, then you are at the right place. Cruising without question is a brilliant way to spend your holiday. Especially, if you are a traveler and desire to stop at different places but have limited time. But those trips can be a slight exorbitant. They sure scale and up and eventually the cruise deal that was a good option for you gets quite expensive. The good thing is that you can still go on trip cruises. A good option will be the Nassau Bahamas port as it is friendlier to the pocket. Read on to see everything you ought to know about a cruise to the Nassau Bahamas port.

Cruise ships drop anchors outside Prince George Wharf which is Nassau’s historic downtown. With Nassau being one of Bahamas’s most visited port and also quite a celebrated destination for cruise vessels, the port is quite a lively place. The moments you get off the ship, you are received with the island’s lively music well as greeted by the locals giving you island tours, beach excursions, scooter rentals, and taxi rides, among other things. The port is characteristically crowded with many stores as well as travelers; so you better plan your time accordingly because boarding the ship again might need you to fight through the crowd.

When it comes to currency and how best to get money, there shouldn’t any problems. There is much difference between the Bahamian Dollar and the US Dollar. If you need to exchange currency you can always do so while onboard. This is the best way as it comes with greater convenience. Nevertheless, you can attain better currency exchange rates from by withdrawing from a bank or ATM. A few banks and ATMs are positioned near the cruise terminal on Parliament Street. Bear in mind that, exchanging your money may not be necessary considering that US Dollars are widely accepted except you have neither of the two currency.

Hence the question is, what is the right and valuable Nassau Bahamas cruise tours? Firstly, determine If you prefer DIY excursion or want to book through cruise ships. There is a lot you can do just around the port. You will get a memorable experience provided you plan your time accordingly. You don’t want to make a costly mistake of ignoring time, then miss your boat.

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